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Online Check-in Service Regulations of Juneyao Airlines
Online Check-in Service Agreement

To provide top quality and convenient service for passengers, Shanghai Juneyao Airlines Co. Ltd., (hereinafter referred to as “Juneyao Air”) provides self-help check-in service for you. Before you apply for online check-in services, please read the following provisions carefully.
1. These Regulations are appropriate for all electronic tickets of Juneyao Air, but does not support transfer tickets, changed tickets, and unconfirmed flights.
2. Applicable passengers include adults and children, excluding VIP passengers, the injured or sick, disabled passengers, disabled revolutionary servicemen, policemen, pregnant women, unaccompanied elders and children, and passengers with special dietary needs.
3. It is suggested that adult passengers with infants or children should not apply for check-in services online.
4. You can complete the check-in formalities after you input your name, certificate number or ticket number, to login the system according to relative regulations.
5. This transaction is only allowed for selecting airplane seats marked as “selectable”, and shall not be allowed for other seats marked as “occupied” or “locked”.
6. In case of failing to print paper boarding card after finishing online check-in, passengers must print the boarding card at the airport check-in counter, at least 45 minutes before the flight departs.
7. Passengers with check-in luggage can handle check-in formalities on line, if it is allowed at departure airport. Otherwise, passengers cannot handle luggage transportation at the airport after applying for online check-in formalities, (luggage transportation shall be subject to the prompt for online check-in). Luggage transportation must meet the requirements of relative regulations at security check. Drinks containing alcohol, knives and dangerous tools must be consigned. It is forbidden to carry luggage with valuables, travel documents, fragile articles, explosives, combustibles, corrosive and radioactive materials, as well as, materials or articles clearly jeopardizing personal safety, health or property during air transportation.
8. Passenger tickets which have finished formalities at the check-in counter, shall not be used for on-line transactions.
9. For passengers who are frequent travel members of Juneyao Air, who have finished online check-in formalities, their credits will be automatically saved into their account without additional operations.
10. If passenger needs to cancel their seating arrangements after completing online check-in formalities, it is allowed for them to cancel online check-in transaction once, (the cancelled transaction shall not be applied again via online check-in. Please deal with this operation carefully). 11. Passengers must arrive at the airport security checkpoint 30 minutes before ETD.
12. In the case of a temporary change of the boarding gate, please check the display screen for flight information or inquire of the Juneyao Air counter staff after arriving at the airport to confirm.
13. Under special circumstances such as flight cancellation or merging, change of airplane type or seating arrangements, your seating number may be changed. Please obey the direction of the airport staff.
14. If passengers who have purchased tickets at Juneyao Air E-Tickets Website need travel itineraries, they may obtain the itineraries at the Juneyao Air e-commerce counters at each airport; or call the 24-hour hotline 95520 of Juneyao Air (please call 400-700-6000 at places without the hotline). Invoice can only be asked for once.
15. Under special conditions, please call the 24-hour hotline 95520 of Juneyao Air (please call 400-700-6000 at places without the hotline) for assistance and inquiry.
16. Passengers shall closely abide by the provisions on the valid certificates required for taking civil flights made by competent authorities, so as to guarantee the validity and effectiveness of the passenger certificates. In the case of name inconformity between certificate and ticket or certificate invalidity, passengers shall bear the consequences themselves.
17. Any person falsely applying for online check-in formalities will be handed over to the Public Security Authorities and will be punished for the serious offence.
18. In order to guarantee the service experience of “luggage check through and connecting flight check-in”, qualified passengers are not recommended to apply for online check-in. Better to go to the check-in counter at your departure airport to apply for “luggage check through and connecting flight check-in” service.
19. Juneyao Air will earnestly provide convenient service for online check-in for passengers. Passengers who fail to complete the online check-in formalities shall go directly to the Juneyao Air check-in counter to deal with check-in, lest causing delay.

II. Provisions on Carriage of Dangerous Goods

The following articles shall not be taken as a part of or contained in luggage (including consigned luggage or carry-on luggage). They shall not be put into the passenger cabin as free accompanying articles.
1. Hazardous articles
(1) Explosives ;
(2) Gas;
(3) Inflammable liquids;
(4) Inflammable solids, spontaneous-combustion materials, or the substance release inflammable gases contacting water;
(5) Oxidizing agents or organic peroxides;
(6) Toxic substances and infectious substances;
(7) Radioactive substances;
(8) Corrosive substances;
(9) Magnetic substances;
(10) Anesthesia, irritating or similar substances ;
(11) Substances apt to pollute flight;
(12) Other hazardous articles which cannot be carried by Juneyao Air.
2. Guns, all kinds of simulation toy guns, gun-type lighter and other kinds of aggressive weapons, except sports facilities.
3. Armament and police instruments.
4. Controlled knives .
5. Nationally regulated forbidden articles .

III. Common Issues

Online check-in transaction formalities
1. How to transact online check-in formalities ?
Please log onto the website; choose “online check-in” in the booking management of the menu column. You can complete the online check-in formalities through Juneyao Air website and select a flight seat.
2. When applying for online check-in formalities, what kind of information shall I have ready?
Please input your name, certificate name or ticket number login system according to the instructions. Then you can apply for check-in formalities.
3. What kind of tickets can the online check-in formalities be applicable for ?
The regulations are appropriate for all electronic tickets of Juneyao Air, but do not support transactions for transfer, different place boarding, (except Shanghai), changed flights and unconfirmed flight tickets.
4. What are the applicable objects for online check-in?
Applicable objects include adults and children, excluding VIP passengers, injured or mentally disabled passengers, disabled revolutionary servicemen, policemen, pregnant women, unaccompanied old men and children and passengers with special dietary needs. Adult passengers with infants or children are suggested not to apply for online check-in formalities.
5. What is the opening time for online check-in?
Presently, Juneyao Air is only opening the online check-in function for China domestic airlines. Click inquiry for departure online check-in opening time.

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