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Customer Privacy Policy of Juneyao Air

Shanghai Juneyao Air Co. Ltd, hereinafter referred to as “Juneyao Air” or “We”, always respects or protects your personal privacy rights. During the time you use our official website, i.e., hereinafter referred to as “website”, as well as our services, hereinafter referred to as “service”, we may collect and use your relevant information. By means of this Privacy Policy, we hope to explain or illustrate that how we will collect, store, share and use your personal information while you use our website or services, and how you are able to implement your privacy rights. We appreciate you read carefully.

This policy shall help you understand following contents:
1. Information we may collect.
2. How we collect information.
3. How we use Cookies and similar techniques.
4. How we reserve, store and protect your information.
5. To whom we will share your information.
6. How we will use your information.
7. Protection of juveniles’ information.
8. Links to other websites.
9. Your rights.
10. Contact us.
11. Revision of privacy policy.

1. Information we may collect

During the time you use our official website or our services, we may collect, store, share and use following information with regard to you. With the absence of your relevant information, we may fail to provide you with some sorts of services, or service quality will degrade.
(1) Information necessary for providing services: information related to your identification credentials, including but not limited to name, credential number, birthday, date of expiry of passport, place of issue of passport.
(2) Information required for improving services upon travel or other services: your address, contact number, Email address, fax number, membership card of Juneyao Air Club, flight information, credential photo and client information required for business, special service requirements, personal preference, nationality, place of residence, etc.

2. How we collect information

Methods we collect personal information include:
(1) Handle and manage company’s reserved gates and/or travel services.
(2) Handle and manage reserved requests and/or company cargo transportation services.
(3) Use online services provided by any websites of company or other electronic communication methods.
(4) Provide any products and/or services requested by customer.
(5) Verify and confirm identification prior to providing any services and products.
(6) Membership of frequent travel passenger and travel mileage acquired via Juneyao Air Club.
(7) Manage activities and lottery-drew events organized or represented by company.
(8) Follow laws, regulatory requirements, directives, guidance and requirements specified by any courts, agencies or governmental departments of any juridical districts within or outside the territory of People’s Republic of China, but do not violate contents of relevant information protection rules and laws of People’s Republic of China as well as General Data Protection Regulations of European Union.
(9) Provide other services related to airport and travel, such as duty-free sales and travel package.
(10) Handle any compensation related to luggage or loss.

3. How we use Cookie and similar techniques

(1) Use of Cookie
For the sake of normal operation of website, sometimes we may store a small data file named as Cookie in computer or mobile device. Cookie normally contains identifier, site name as well as some numbers and characters. By means of Cookie, website is able to store data such as user preference or commodities in shopping basket. Contents of Cookie can only be searched or read via the server creates it. Each Cookie is exclusive in terms of your web browser or mobile application.
Similar to most websites or Internet service provider, the purpose Juneyao Air uses Cookie is to improve user experiences. By means of Cookie, website is able to keep user’s single visit (use session Cookie) or multiple visits (use permanent Cookie) in memory. By means of Cookie, website is able to save settings, such as language, font size or other browsing preferences of computer or mobile device. Juneyao Air will not use Cookie for the purpose other than the purposes specified in this policy. You are able to manage or delete Cookie at your own discretion. Please refer to for details. You are able to clear all Cookies stored in computer. Most web browsers possess the function to block Cookie. If you do this, however, you are supposed to personally modify user settings each time you visit our website. Please visit following links for details upon modifying browser settings.

Internet Explorer    Google Chrome    Mozilla Firefox    Safari    Opera

(2) Use of web Beacon and similar techniques
In addition to Cookie, Juneyao Air will use web Beacon and other similar techniques in website or other applications. Our web pages generally will contain some electronic images (referred to as “single pixel” GIF file or “web Beacon”). We may use web Beacon in following methods:
    (a) Juneyao Air will send you Emails that may contain links to clicking URL of contents of Juneyao Air website. If you click such a link, Juneyao Air will follow that click and help us to acquire your preference upon your products and services, so as to improve our customer service.
    (b) Website beacon is normally a sort of transparent image embedded into website or Email. By means of pixel label in Email, we are able to learn whether the Email has been read.
    (c) By using web beacon on Juneyao Air website or other applications, calculate amount of user visits and recognize registered Juneyao Air users via accessing cookie.
    (d) Provide you with personalized service via acquired information of cookies.

4. How we reserve, store and protect your information

(1) We will only reserve your information during the essential period as per the purpose specified in this Privacy Policy and within the period required by laws and regulations.
(2) All information collected and generated during the operation within the territory of People’s Republic of China will be stored in the territory of China.
(3) We shall protect your information via following measures:
    (a) We shall collect, use, reserve and transmit user information under the principle of "minimization", and inform you of the purpose and scope to use your information via User Agreement and Privacy Policy.
    (b) With high emphasis on information safety, we have established special team, which is responsible for research and application of multiple safety techniques and procedures, and responsible for safety background review upon safety management supervisors and personnel of critical safety posts. We have also established comprehensive information safety management systems and internal safety event handling mechanism, etc. We will adopt appropriate safety measures and technical methods, which are applicable to industry standards, to reserve and protect your personal information, so as to prevent your information from loss, unauthorized access, publicized disclosure, use, damage or leakage. We will ensure confidentiality of data via encryption techniques, and prevent data from hostile attack via reliable protection mechanism.
    (c) We will conduct training and evaluation upon awareness cultivation of data safety and safety capability to employees, in order to improve their awareness of the significance of personal information protection. We shall conduct identification verification and authority control upon personnel that manage personal information. In addition, we shall sign non-disclosure agreement with employees and cooperative partners that have access to your personal information, in which specifies post responsibilities and rules of conduct, so as to ensure that only authorized personnel have access to personal information. Personnel with violation of such non-disclosure agreement will be immediately terminated cooperation relationship with Juneyao Air and shall be liable for relevant legal responsibilities. Personnel have access to personal information shall endowed with non-disclosure requirements while off-duty.
    (d) We hereby alert you that internet is not an absolutely safe environment. While interacting with other users your geographic position or track information via third-party social software, Email, SMS embedded in Juneyao Air, you are suggested to confirm whether such transmission of message is totally encrypted by third-party social software and pay attention to protection of your personal information.
    (e) We hereby request your sincere understanding that, due to limitation and rapid development of techniques as well as various potential hostile attack measures, internet industry is still not able to ensure one-hundred percent safety of information despite all those possible measures to enhance safety. Please understand, safety issues may occur, in other aspects beyond our control, to the system and communication network by which you use our products and/or services.

5. To whom we will share your information

We will not sell any customer information to any third-party or share your Email address with third-party other than the conditions specified in this Privacy Policy. We shall request all these third-parties to comprehensively protect your personal information and handle such data as per our requests. We may disclose or share your information to following agencies:
(1) Our group company, third-party service provider and cooperative partners providing data processing service for us (such as provide support for implementation of our service, or improve safety of our website via providing preferable functions or help).
(2) Third-party agency, which will arrange discount price and purchase journey in your name and provide you with other services. We shall share such category of data with these third-parties only if it’s necessary for fulfillment of the agreement signed with you.
(3) We will disclose to any supervising law enforcement agencies, regulatory agencies, governmental agencies, courts or other supervising agencies for following reasons: i.e. (a) Applicable laws. (b) Implement, establish and defend our legal rights. (c) Protect vital interests of you or other personnel.

6. How we will use your information

(1) We use identifiable personal information to complete the transaction and satisfy your requests upon our services. We require your personal information when you order ticket purchase, supplementary travel products and services on this website, or when you apply for membership item. We will use your information as per this Privacy Policy. Except for the purpose of processing, verifying and completing travel services or other service requirements proposed by you, we may also use your personal information for management and analysis, for example, calculation and issuance of bill, processing and confirmation of auditing, sales and credit card, customer relationship communication and other operation of other items.
(2) If you are new customer to us and we allow third-party to use your data, we, or authorized third-party, shall contact with you by means of Email only with your approval and inform you of our (or their) company news, products and services. During the time we collect data, please select relative choice boxes so as to specify whether you agree that we are able to contact with you by means of Email.
(3) If you have been our customer, we shall only provide you with materials upon products or services that are similar to those have been provided to you beforehand via Email, unless you select relevant choice boxes while we are collecting data and agree to accept such Emails containing information upon other products or services.
(4) If you have specifically express consent via our website, we will provide you with third-party materials selected as per your potential interests via Email by utilizing your data now and then, which may include our supplementary travel and popularization partners.
You are entitled to request us to process your data not for the sake of sales. Please notify us by selecting relevant choice box and sending Email to any time thereafter, so as to prevent processing of such category of data.
(5) If we hope to obtain your consent for the sake of any purposes mentioned above, please select relevant choices boxes while we are collecting data and specify whether you agree with the purposes rewritten in the section of How we will use your information.

7. Protection of juveniles’ information

We encourage that juveniles, that are under 18 years old, shall use our website or services under the guidance of their parents or guardians. As such juveniles mentioned above, you shall invite your parents or legal guardians to read this Privacy Policy and request consent and guidance by your parents or legal guardians prior to submitting your personal information. For personal information with regard to juveniles collected with consent by your parents or legal guardians, we shall use or disclose such information only under the circumstances that are legally permissible, specifically approved by your parents or legal guardians, or essentially for protection of juveniles. We shall delete relevant data once having identified that such personal information upon juveniles are collected without consent by verifiable parents or legal guardians beforehand.

8. Links to other websites

Our websites contains links to other websites owned and/or operated by third party. As each linked website possesses its independent and distinctive privacy policy, we hereby advise you shall be alerted while leaving our website and logging into other websites, and carefully read privacy policy of respective website. We shall not be liable for privacy processing and contents of such websites.

9. Your rights

We attach great importance to your concerns upon your personal information. We shall spare no efforts to defend your rights to access, update, modify, delete and withdrew consent of your personal information, and ensure you possess sufficient capability to guarantee your privacy and safety. Your rights include:
(1) Right upon access: You are entitled to confirm with company whether your personal materials are under processing and request access to such materials if are under processing. Information that you have access may include purpose of processing, category of relevant personal materials, and recipient or category of recipient that such materials have been or will be disclosed to. You are entitled to acquire duplicate of your personal material under processing. If you require additional duplicates, we may propose reasonable charges based on administrative expense.
(2) Right upon rectification: You are entitled to require our company to rectify your incorrect personal materials. As per purpose of process, you are entitled to urge incomplete personal materials to be perfected, including by means of providing supplementary declaration.
(3) Right upon deletion (right to be forgotten): You are entitled to require our company to delete your personal information.
(4) Right upon restricted processing: You are entitled to request restriction upon processing of your personal materials. Under such a condition, relevant materials will be marked. Our company shall process such materials only under following circumstances: a. with your consent, b. for the sake of proposing, implementing or defending legal claims, c. for the sake of protection of rights of another person or entity, or d. for the sake of public interests.
(5) Right upon data portability: You are entitled to receive your personal information provided to company in a structural, frequently-used and machine-readable format, and entitled to deliver personal information to another data controller unimpeded by our company.
(6) Right upon objection: You are entitled to object to our company’s processing of your personal information at any time and request no further processing of your personal information by our company. If you have implemented your right upon objection that you possess, our company will no longer process your personal information for such a purpose. There will be no charges for implementation of the right. You may not possess such right upon objection if you just manage to process your personal information by taking measures prior to signing agreement or implementing signed agreement. For requests upon access, modification and deletion of personal information or upon personal data portability, and any other requests concerning your rights (like the right upon restriction of processing of your personal information) or materials concerning policy, practice and category that our company possesses personal information, shall be sent to our company as per following address in written format:

No. 80 Hongxiang 3rd Road, Minhang District, Shanghai, China
Shanghai Juneyao Air Co. Ltd
Zip code: 200123

You are also entitled to lodge complaints against relevant information protection agencies.

10. Contact us

If you have any questions or opinions upon any contents or issues specified in this Privacy Policy, please contact us via following methods.
(1) Contact number: 021-95520/021-22389205
(2) E-mail:

11. Revision of privacy policy

We may keep updating or revising clauses in this Privacy Policy, to meet the development of laws, techniques or business. Such updated or revised contents shall be regarded as component of this Privacy Policy. In the course of update or revision of this Privacy Policy, we shall indicate at prominent position on main page or notify you via Email or other methods before it comes into effect. Under this circumstance, if you continue to use our services indicates that you are satisfied with such constraints updated or revised in this Privacy Policy.

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