The Concept of Baggage:The belongings carried by a passenger during travel for the purposes of wearing, use, comfort and convenience. Unless otherwise specified, they also include your checked baggage and carry-on items.

Checked Baggage

What is "checked baggage"?

Checked baggage refers to the luggages handed over by a passenger to the airline company who is responsible for the custody and transport of them. In order to ensure the safety of your checked baggage, your suitcase should be locked and cartons and woven bags should be packed. In addition, checked baggage should not contain any cash, jewellery, securities, valuables, lithium batteries and other inflammable and explosive materials.

What are the provisions for transport of checked baggage?

Checked baggage must be packed properly, locked and fastened in place and wrapped securely. They should be able to withstand a certain pressure and ensure safe handling and transport under normal handling conditions. Checked baggage should meet the following requirements:

1) Suitcases, travel bags, handbags, etc. must be locked.

2) More than one parcel should not be bundled into one.

3) Additional items should not be attached to or inserted into the baggage.

4) Bamboo baskets, string bags, straw ropes, straw bags, etc. should not be used as outer packaging for the baggage.

5) Packaging articles with a hazard marker or label generally should not be used as outer packaging for the baggage. If they are used this way, the hazard marker and label on them must be removed or covered.

6) The name, detailed address and phone number of the passenger should be clearly marked on the baggage.

7) Sawdust, chaff, grass clippings, etc. should not be used as underlay in the package of the baggage.

What are the weight limits and dimensions of free checked baggage?

The free baggage allowance (inclusive of checked and unchecked baggage) for one passenger with an adult or child ticket are: 40kg for first class, 30kg for business class, and 20kg for economy class. The volume of the baggage should not exceed 40cm*60cm*100cm.

Does an infant passenger have the free baggage allowance?

A passenger with an infant ticket does not have the free baggage allowance, but may have a pushchair consigned free of charge.

Instructions for Carry-on Baggage

For a domestic flight, the total weight of hand luggages should not exceed 5kg and the volume of each article should not exceed 20cm*40cm*55cm. Any luggage exceeding the number, weight or size restrictions will be required to be consigned.

What about the procedures for excess baggage charge?

Checked baggage exceeding the free baggage allowance for the passenger ticket is required to pay an excess baggage charge and issue an excess baggage ticket. The excess baggage charge is calculated by multiplying the weight (kilograms) of the baggage by 1.5% of full economy fare.

Miscellaneous Concerning Checked Baggage

Can checked baggage carry any lithium battery?

As electronic equipment containing lithium and lithium ion batteries and battery packs for personal use as consumer goods, personal-use electronic devices containing lithium metal and lithium-ion battery cells and batteries will be placed in hand luggages carried by passengers and crew members. All spare batteries for such devices will be placed in their original retail packaging or be subject to other insulation treatment. Further, each battery installed in a device or carried as a spare will not exceed the following limits:

1) The lithium content of a lithium metal or lithium alloy battery will not exceed 2 grams.

2) The watt-hour rating of a lithium ion battery will not exceed 100Wh (Watt-hour is calculated by multiplying the nominal voltage by the rated capacity expressed in ampere-hours).

3) Subject to approval of the airline company, the watt-hour rating may be greater than 100Wh but not exceed 160Wh, while the number of spare lithium batteries to be carried will not exceed 2 pieces.

4) Any lithium battery exceeding 160Wh must not be carried.

Provisions for Consignment of Liquids

Any liquids cannot be carried by a domestic flight passenger, however, they may be consigned and their packaging should comply with the relevant provisions for civil air transport. A few cosmetics for personal travel use may be carried by the passenger, provided that only one cosmetic for each class with an volume of no more than 100ml is carried and put in the exclusive bag for open-bottle inspection.

What is a luggage value statement?

When our provisions for baggage allowance are considered insufficient to protect passenger interests on the luggage to be consigned, a stated value for that luggage may be applied for. The maximum stated value for a luggage will be RMB 8,000. When a passenger has any objections to the value stated and refuses to accept luggage inspection, we will be entitled to deny reception and transport of that luggage.

What are the hazardous materials that are not allowed to be carried in person or consigned?

Firearms(including all kinds of airsofts, miniature shooters and offensive weapons), ammunitions, ordnances, police weapons, explosives, inflammable and explosive materials, poisonous substances, radioactive substances, corrosive substances, hazardous solutions and other dangerous and prohibited articles must not be carried on board or placed in any luggage or goods to be consigned. Any hazardous material identified will be immediately handed over to the public security organ for disposition.

Damaged Baggage and Other Matters

Damaged and Lost Baggage

In case of delayed, damaged or lost checked baggage during transportation, please immediately contact the baggage inquiry office at the airport. You will have to show your boarding pass, baggage check and identity document, fill out a "baggage transport accident record" sheet and identify all details.

In case of any damage to or loss of checked baggage, the passenger should complain to the carrier within seven days from the date of receipt of that baggage.

Excess and Special Baggage

The transport of special goods such as sports equipment and performance props may be applied for when booking seats, and the list of the items should be provided to the customs so that the airline company can make early arrangements.

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